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21st Century Homeopathy

Utilizing the ancient principle of like curing like

Over 6,000 remedies available to treat and prevent illness on all levels.

The remedies gently and safely give the body the information it needs to accurately heal itself.

Homeopathic Medicine

Gianni's Story

Hello, and thank you for visiting my page. I am Gianni Fullerton, the Certified Clinical Homeopath at Alternative Wellness Group. 


My homeopathic experience began in the 1990's and I received my certification at the Homeopathy School International in Boulder, Colorado in 2007. As I've continued pursuing my passion for holistic medicine I have also become an expert in Leaky Gut healing and the quantum practice of Hyper-physics.  I've published articles in homeopathic professional journals.  Readily available remedies can be used in self care, and I teach classes on all sorts of homeopathic subjects to help you learn how!


I've been a lifelong advocate of holistic medicine. My passion and drive for the healing arts is fueled by my love and respect for God, for people and all living things. I was born and raised in Montana where I live with my beloved horses, dogs, chicks and wonderful husband.


I am in the office by appointment and I am also available for phone consultations, ranch and home visits. I offer canine massage therapy through Tenderheart Animal Wellness. Come experience the positive energy of homeopathy for you and your pets!

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Homeopathy Q&A

What are Complex Formula Remedies? 

Complex remedies compbine everal single remedies formulated for a specific Purpose

Why Would a Person Want a Complex Formula Remedy?

Complex formula remedies are formulated from single remedies combined in precise proportion to address multiple factors in a certain condition. Formulas are safe, easy to use and cover all major symptoms of the ailment indicated in the remedy's name.  The body has innate abilities to detect the resonance it needs form a formula -- such as our sense of taste can identify flavors in a recipe and your ear can pick out instruments in an orchestra. The remedies' formulas are carefully researched and chose to work synergistically for healing support. 

What are Complex Formula Remedies? 

The can be very effective, especially with injuries or illnesses with multiple factors:

  • Bruises,  cuts, crush injuries

  • Illnesses with body aches, nausea, cough, fever, sore throat, etc.

  • Illnesses that have progression of symptoms as it runs its course, such as Pertussis.

When Would You NOT Choose a Complex Formula Remedy?

With long term or chronic ailments, you are less likely to get the long-lasting relief you would like with a complex remedy. In that situation, you would choose a single remedy specific too your symptoms


The purpose behind complex remedies is to quickly, safely and effectively promote healing, reduce inflammation and lessen pain.  Complex formula remedies are not intended to replace professional consultation or medical care when needed. For critical injuries and ailments always consult a homeopath, naturopath, or allopathic professional.

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules


Homeopathic Care Kits

  • Bio Emergency Kit

  • Birthing Kit

  • Canine Kit

  • Equine Kit

  • Outdoorsman First Aid Kit

  • Viral Recovery Kit

Single Remedies

  • Full line of single remedies in multiple potencies

Flower Essences

  • Bach Flower Essences

  • Alaskan Flower Essences

Examples of Available Remedies

From Allergy & Burn Relief to UTI & Wart Relief,

I offer over 100 remedies.

  1. ABC & P: Adult 200c

  2. ABC & P: Infant 12c

  3. ABC & P: Baby 30c

  4. Abscess Relief

  5. Ailment Anxiety

  6. Allergy Relief: all enviro

  7. Allergy Relief: cat/dog/pony

  8. Allergy Relief: common symptoms

  9. Allergy Relief: dairy

  10. Allergy Relief: inhaled enviro

  11. Allergy Relief: latex/rubber

  12. Allergy Relief: molds, yeast, dust, nitrates

  13. Allergy Relief: NW molds & mildew

  14. Allergy Relief: tree pollens

  15. Anti-aging complex

  16. Anticipatory Anxiety Relief: bad news

  17. Anticipatory Anxiety Relief

  18. Anxiety & Stress Relief

  19. Arnica HC with Vite C

  20. Asthma Relief

  21. Back Pain Relief

  22. Bone Fracture (Osteoporosis)

  23. Bone Spur Relief

  24. Bronchitis Relief

  25. Bug Bite & Sting Relief

Bottles of Homeopathic Pills

26. Burn Relief​

27. Canker Sore/Thrush Relief

28. Carpal Tunnel Relief

29. Cataract Relief

30. Cell Salts 12x

31. Chemical Sensitivity/Exposure

32. Childbirth Prep

33. Circulation Support (Skip's)

34. Constipation Relief

35. Cough Relief

36. Croup Relief

37. Dehydration Relief

38. Dental Support

39. Diarrhea Relief

40. Dr G's Formula

41. Ear Infection Relief

42. Edema Relief

43. Fatigue Relief

44. Fear & Panic Relief

45. Feline URTI

46. Gas/Bloat Relief

47. Glaucoma Relief

48. Gout Relief

49. Graphene Relief

50. Grief Relief

Assorted Medicine


To place an order or make an appointment for an office or phone consultation, please call or text:

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