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Detox Room

Our Detox Room offers the convenience of four of the most powerful tools for relaxation and healing in one private room. We made the Detox Room so that you can book your healing at your availability. Bookings are available six days a week at your choice of times available.

There's no better time to start your healing journey than now!

If you are an existing Detox Room use and have already completed a registration form, you may click below to Book your Detox Room appointment online.

50% OFF Detox Room

Applied at checkout on day of service. 

modalities in detox room

"AMAZING experience! Will definitely return AND recommend to others!
SOOOO relaxing!"

Map of Detox Room

Detox Room Exclusive Services

AWG offers you the Detox Room & Exclusive Detox services including:

  • Vibration Plate     

  • Ionic Foot Baths

  • Far Infrared Sauna    

  • Ceragem Massage Bed   

  • Red Light Therapy

  • BioResonance

  • Halo Therapy

oberone machine

Detect the root causes of frequency imbalances in minutes. Our Oberon Bioresonance device is 95-98% accurate in measuring frequencies and is completely NON-invasive. Information is simply picked up and read to be understood and broken down to identify root causes of illness or pick up cellular level deterioration. Therapy administered this way takes time and is very gentle to help remind the body of the healthy state it should be in. 

During the Bioresonance treatment you can watch the improving frequencies of what is being treated in real time!

Mito red light

Near-infrared (NIR) and red light therapy devices have been FDA-approved for several purposes including:

  • hair-loss reversal

  • anti-aging, acne

  • wound healing

  • pain relief and more!

Red light between 600-700nm offer benefits for skin texture and tone, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, promoting collagen production and generally rejuvenating the appearance of skin and hair. 

Ceragem bed

Based on the belief that our body is best treated as a whole and with balance, the Ceragem uses acupuncture, chiropractic stretching, massage methods and employs far infrared heat (FIR) to assist the body's inherent healing ability.

This device is FDA approved for stress relief and blood circulation. It incorporates the principles of spinal alignment, deep tissue massage,  acupressure, and Radiant Far-Infrared Heat to alleviate stress and pain  accumulated within your body from everyday living. 

Massage chair

Come by at your convenience.

NO appointment needed to use our MASSAGE CHAIR! It's a VENDING MACHINE!!

Vibration Plate is accessible when booking the Detox Room!

Benefits of Vibration Plate:

  • Fat loss

  • Muscle toning

  • Weight loss

  • Increased metabolic rate

  • Healtier endocrine system

  • Lower stress levels

  • Improve bone density

  • Click below on Learn More for more detail

Detox Foot Bath

This 30 min warm foot soak uses positive & negative ions to enhance the release of toxins from the organs and tissues of the body, eliminating them through regular channels including kidneys, skin, colon and liver.


The effects can continue for up to 48hrs during which time you should drink plenty of water. 


Please note this service is not intended for pregnant or nursing mothers, people with epilepsy, anyone on blood thinners or heartbeat regulating medications, pacemakers, electrical devices, metal implants.

Far Infrared Sauna

Far Infrared Sauna-Detox Room

Relax while experiencing deep Penetrating therapeutic heat, Full body detoxification, and effective pain relief with this Far Infrared Sauna.

Our sauna emits far infrared rays which are part of the sun’s natural spectrum, just beyond visible red. It delivers a safe, complete sauna experience.

The softer heat of the far infrared sauna also penetrates deeper into the body (2-3 in. or 5-8 cm. deep) and draws out more toxins than a steam sauna. It is more sanitary because it will not spread and cultivate bacteria like a traditional humid sauna. our sauna also incorporates COLOR THERAPY and Halotherapy!

HALOTHERAPY can help stimulate the respiratory system, reduce inflammation, fight infection, clear blockages and reduce discomfort. Halotherapy is believed to be antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and can help with excessive mucus, pathogen agents, digestive issues, depression, skin conditions, and immune system oversensitivity.

~ Detox Room Release Form ~

Prior to booking your appointment, please read and complete the

AWG Detox Room Information and Liability Release form.

You can complete the form online, or download a pdf to print at home, fill it out and email it or bring it with you to your appointment,

Detox Room Booking Options

1. One Hour Rapid Recover

  • EXAMPLE: A great option for one person who wants quick relief of pain using the Ceragem combined with Red Light or Vibration Plate. 

  • EXAMPLE: One hour of Sauna Combined with Red Light or Vibration Plate

  • Select Book Now and choose One Hour Rapid Recover (One Person).

4. One Hour Rapid Recover For Two People

  • EXAMPLE: A great option if you and a loved one want just enough time for a quick detox. Get  relief on the Ceragem with a 45 minute heated jade stone massage combined with 10 minutes with the Red light or Vibration Plate while the other person relaxes in the sauna.

  • Select Book Now and choose Rapid Recover for Two People.

2. 90 Minute Rest & Rejuvenate

  • Just enough time for one person who wants to use all four machines. While the Ceragem and Sauna are warming up get your lymph moving on the Vibration Plate and decompress in front of the Red Light.

  • Select Book Now and choose 90 Minute Rest and Rejuvinate (One Person).

5. 90 Minute Rest & Rejuvinate for Two People

  • EXAMPLE. Just enough time for two people to use the Ceragem.

  • EXAMPLE. While the Sauna is warming up, get started on your detox journey with one person on the Vibration Plate and the other in front of the Red Light. Share the Sauna or one person can use the Ceragem while the other uses the Sauna. 

  • Select Book Now and choose Rest and Rejuvenate for Two People.

3. Two Hour Detox & Restore

  • Not in a rush? This one is for you! Take your time and enjoy at a relaxed pace the healing power of all four machines.

  • Select Book Now and choose Two Hour Detox and Restore (One Person).

6. Two Hour 

Detox & Restore for Two People

  • My TOP suggestion for two people to be able to both enjoy all of the Detox equipment. Take your time and enjoy with no rush while detoxing and recharging with someone you love, this Two Hour Detox for Two is PERFECT!

  • Select Book Now and choose Detox and Restore for Two People.

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